Frequently asked questions


My country is not mentioned or available as stock, can I still use this service?
Yes you can. Change your country on your Spotify profile, or create an account with a VPN activated in a country which does have stock (for example US). Your new Spotify account will be US based, so you'll be able to link an US invite to it. After linking the invite to the account and making it premium, simply turn off the VPN and enjoy your premium!

Which country do I pick when redeeming?
You have to pick the same country as on your Spotify profile. It can be found here

How long will I be premium?
The duration is random, we cannot control this. We offer free replacements if your premium ever goes down.

How long is the warranty?
It's (shop) lifetime. As long as the shop is up and running, you'll get free replacements.

Do you need my login details?
No, we will never ask for your login details.

Can I resell your service?
Yes you can. The details can be found on the reseller page.

I have lost my premium, how do I get it back?
This can be done automatically! Enter your key here.

When I want to get a replacement it says I'm not eligible for replacement?
Your invite might still be valid. Enter your key on the second input field, here.

I am getting "You need to live at the same address", what now?
Your Spotify country doesn't match the country of the invite. Your Spotify country can be found on your Spotify profile.

I am getting "There was a problem", what now?
Your Spotify account is already premium. You cannot upgrade account that are already premium.

How many family plans can I join?
You can join 2 family plans per account. After that you will have to create a new account.

Don't have a key yet?

Buy one using the button down here or view all of our plans here.